Java French Press

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Not only does the JAVA coffee maker have a classic design, it also infuses the best aroma from your coffee and leaves hardly any residue behind in your cup! Simply add coarsely ground coffee powder and hot water, wait 4 minutes and then slowly push down the plunger – done. 


Product Features and Benefits: 
• Our iconic brewing system quickly and effectively brings out the full flavour of coarsely ground beans, producing delicious coffee every time 
• Made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel, sturdy plastic and non-stain, heat-resistant borosilicate glass that doesn’t alter or impair the coffee’s natural flavour 
• Transparent carafe makes the whole brewing process visible 
• Plunger prevents coffee grounds escaping when the coffee is poured 
• More environmentally friendly than ordinary coffee-making systems – no paper filters or plastic capsules 
• Easy to use and easy to clean.